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With the Checklist: Lexington Studies in the Stone and you may Audio

With the Checklist: Lexington Studies in the Stone and you may Audio

Kim’s originality will be to check out the the situation of one’s Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) American first as part of an enthusiastic “commercial means” you to hits international practices utilizing the sociocultural and you can politico-financial system as well as the hegemonic relationship regarding Korea and Us so you can represent female K-pop idols because racially and you can intimately proliferated

Lanham; Boulder; New york; London: Lexington Books [a keen imprint of your Rowman & Littlefield Posting Class, Inc.], 2019. xxxiv, 153 pp. US$, content. ISBN 978-1-4985-4882-3.

To your extensive worldwide interest in Korean cultural affairs such as Korean tunes (hereafter K-pop), television dramas, and you may video, scholars internationally have started to examine the benefit figure and associated endemic stamina imbalances inserted throughout the facility-concept social creation techniques and intensive work practices accountable for the brand new financial popularity of the country. Within the examination of the fresh sociocultural conjuncture anywhere between a beneficial patriarchal Korean neighborhood therefore the commodified womanliness and sex off Korean cultural opportunities, Of Factory Lady so you’re able to K-Pop Idol Female: Social Government of Developmentalism, Patriarchy, and you will Neoliberalism into the Southern Korea’s New music Globe uses up a button condition throughout the growing critical dialogue needing a feminist position when you look at the K-pop music degree.

Chapter step one brings on linkage between South Korean-layout developmentalism, commonly known as brand new “Wonders regarding Han Lake,” as well as the K-pop idols, given that an effective neo-liberal subjectivity; such as for example, for the Playground Jung-hee Routine, girls workers’ rigorous work are required according to the patriarchal commercial program, and that the thing is that the fresh key feature of your neo-liberal exploitation away from people K-pop music idols. Section dos looks at the new intimate commodification out-of women K-pop music idols given that an excellent neo-liberal expansion regarding a vintage womanliness stuck from the continuity away from patriarchal Korean community. It contends you to definitely female K-pop idols’ practical updates on the people community, additionally generating neo-liberalization when you’re perpetuating a good patriarchal hierarchy, along with their harsh working requirements, the thing is the latest circumstances off people factory workers for the “miracle” numerous years of the sixties into the 1980s. In part 3, Kim looks at cultural hybridity as one of the affairs that has generated the global rise in popularity of K-pop. So it experience is one that many other students out of Hallyu (Korean Revolution) enjoys checked-out in a number of outline.

Section cuatro develops a taxonomy regarding generations step 1, dos, and you will 3 of your female idols to argue that they have perpetuated and you can warranted the brand new patriarchy embedded inside the Confucian public norms whenever you are chapter 5 turns so you can a diagnosis of a single female superstar exactly who, Kim argues, has been described as the brand new split characters regarding pure femininity into the one hands and you may intense sex on the other given that the woman promoting things. This paradox will be linked to the precarious socio-monetary reputation from Korean women in neoliberal capitalism, construed because a breeding off antique intercourse label and its own conflicting requirement. Chapter 6 examines the idea of resilience as the an integral region from neo-liberal social thinking and you will buildings off females subjectivity. It is quite regarding the feeling of obligations you to neo-liberalism wishes to discover, just like the an ethical standard and an ethical virtue of females, inside females subjectivity. When you look at the a bankruptcy proceeding, the idea of “positive psychology,” portrayed through the messages indicated by the females idols, are associated with the commercialized nostalgia getting 1990’s Korea, new golden age each other economic profits and you will financial crisis. This nostalgia are highlighted of the “ToToGa” occurrence, spotlighting dated K-pop stars in addition to their musical regarding the 90s, for the truth tv show Unlimited Complications, which romanticizes neo-liberal pseudo-individualism.

One of several advantages regarding Kim’s publication is actually the strategy, especially the access to romantic textual research in several sections so you’re able to understand certain seminal K-pop music idols’ sounds videos. Kim’s perceptions grow the new range out-of feminist conversation off just how K-pop music video, as intensely marketed cultural things, serve a keen ideology in which girls idols is actually a sexualized commodity in addition to their songs video become websites where in fact the sociocultural and you will politico-monetary assemblages out of Korean-layout patriarchy and you may ladder converge. Meanwhile, a tunes video clips is essentially a compressed program designed to reputation K-pop music audiences for eating K-pop music once the a product getting spotted instead of listened to.

Studying sounds video off female K-pop music idols, since Kim do, are ergo a good method for uncovering the fresh procedure from implementation out of sexist narratives and images stuck regarding the old-fashioned public viewpoints and norms bolstered of the male-dominant, elitist world

You to situation that i desired to see explored a whole lot more inside publication is that off taxonomy. Based on Kim, “taxonomy articulates and you may categorizes identities and you can differences amongst him or her” (65), but their taxonomies from three years such “Generation We having simple, lovable principles, Age group II which have confusing womanliness, and Generation III having direct sexualization” (65), don’t sufficiently bring the latest paradigm shifts away from femininity and you will sexualization regarding manufacture regarding lady K-pop music idols.

Nevertheless, discover another remarkable factor to the methodology regarding the guide. Kim includes present cases because a caution and a prognosis of the current state of Korean ladies struggles about real-world, including the really intense work and you will harsh functioning conditions associated with female sweatshop workers back in the day, however, which happen to be nevertheless taking place now. Hence, Kim’s research songs a security about the all over the world popularity of K-pop’s neoliberal blend of American hegemonic ideology and you may traditional Korean patriarchy. Like this, his complete argument have an unexpected timeliness within its exploration away from a great feminist direction towards the rapid changes in the K-pop scene.

Anyone who would like to comprehend the around the world “Hallyuscape” also the games like fuck marry kill Korean socio-financial and governmental alter is read Kim’s publication cautiously. These types of members often take pleasure in how deftly Kim weaves the fresh new posts from ways men-dominant elite Korean people and its particular culture world have developed a good book version of lady exploitation out of a blend from neoliberal capitalism, “structured” patriarchy, and you can Confucian ladder. That it publication reveals a better way from information not simply this new character regarding feminist activism certainly one of younger Korean females but also the radical feminist movements against traditional societal philosophy and norms regarding the field of Korean neoliberalism.

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